When I initially launched the IQ Matrix blog (previously known as Study Matrix Art) each mind map I created was available as a desktop background. You could therefore download a JPEG image of the mind map and make it your desktop background image. This was a pretty cool way to learn the information presented within each mind map as it was available as a reference poster right on your desktop computer that you could refer to throughout the day.

At one stage I decided to discontinue the desktop backgrounds in order to provide you with IQ Matrix maps in pdf format for easy printing. However, recently I wanted to focus myself on a specific topic throughout the day, and I decided to set that topic (mind map) as my desktop background. This worked really well as it allowed me to keep the main concepts and ideas of the topic at the forefront of my mind throughout the day.

Because this was such a valuable experience for me, I wanted to share it with you guys as well. I have therefore taken most of the free IQ Matrix maps and turned them into desktop backgrounds that you can immediately download and use.

Below you will find regular-screen and wide-screen versions of each mind map. I’ve also included space on top, on the bottom and on the sides of each mind map image where you can place your desktop icons. I hope this is convenient. It certainly was helpful for me, because trying to place the icons within the mind map really cluttered things up. 🙁





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