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Here is what customers, members and readers are saying about their experience using IQ Matrix maps to help them accomplish more in their business, academics, life and career.

Thank you for the opportunity to own a piece greatness!! These are the most advanced visual tools on the market! A must for those who are serious about success!! Your work has truly changed my life and the lives of thousands if not millions worldwide.

These matrixes further show with clarity and persuasiveness that creative thinking, innovation and success in life are processes that can be learned, enveloped, and most importantly applied to the challenges in everyday life, whether business or personal.

If you want to transform your life and the lives of those around you, do yourself a favour and get Adam Sicinski’s IQ Matrixes. You will be able to look at obstacles differently, improve your thinking, and turn everyday problems into practical action-centred solutions.
Werner Bosman
I love mind maps and I am a fan of your work since the first moment I visited your site. More and more I feel that the information age has become a challenge for everyone. Visual thinking and especially mind mapping are tools to help overcome this avalanche of information and distill what really matters. You have mastered the art of mind mapping and present knowledge in a clear and easy to understand way.

I am happy to keep the MasterMind IQ matrix in my office wall, which I review frequently and reference your subject maps to get even more information to help me collect, convert, connect and finally create my own knowledge based from your maps. This information has also helped me to understand myself and others like a GPS for the thoughts in my brain.

Working as a people manager I use many of the maps to help me guide and flow information to direct reports. Explaining difficult topics has become even a fun thing to do while using your maps.

I really appreciate your work and I am always waiting anxiously for the next knowledge map. Thank you so much for your excellent work and keep inspiring people by helping bypass the information overload.
Erick Montero
Dear Adam, I think what you’re doing is absolutely amazing with the mind maps. It’s such a great way to help people. I think a lot of people have specific things they’re supposed to do in their lives, but a lot of them never find it or just don’t realize what it is because they can’t listen to their intuition.

When it comes to you and mind maps it fits like a hand in the glove. A mind map is like taking your wise thoughts off your mind and hanging them on the wall. Suddenly you’re not in the middle of them, you can actually see them, take a step back and see the full picture. Thank you Adam for helping us with that.
Jessica Wolff Wolff Productions
I found the IQ Matrix website with StumbleUpon. Since I use different software applications to create mindmaps to use in my trainings, I was surprised with the new and fresh approach of IQ Matrix mindmaps. They are logical, read like a book, they are very visually orientated, compact and they stimulate thinking about the subject. I often take one with me on a coffee break to fill my mind with positive and new ideas.

Reading and using the IQ Matrix mindmaps has changed my own approach to creating mindmaps. Mindmaps are not longer an overview or a plan of action, they become stories now. Stories to read and become inspired by.

I love the visual aspect and the usage of sentences in the setup of the IQ Matrix. It is a different approach towards mindmapping than I use myself. The logic is great, the impact is more than I thought. I take time to read them through several times to get the full meaning.

Thank you Adam for all your hard and inspiring work!
Marc Deseke
After carefully studying and digesting, your out-of-this-world, 'mind maps' I salute you Adam on your marvelous accomplishment in your endeavor. Although I have read some books by Tony Buzan and followed him on his YouTube presentations, I find your IQ Matrix mind maps very instructive and more importantly, very EFFECTIVE !

All your mind map presentations are so user-friendly, colorful, Walt Disney like images and very stimulating and to the point!

I know very well that in any worthwhile endeavor, practice, practice and practice is paramount in successful achievement, but yet, your mind maps simplify everything to perfection.

Yes Adam, you have added yet another avid disciple to your IQ Matrix lifetime user members. I'm so highly inspired with your work that I have joined as an affiliate to market your product to the public.
John Pfeiffer
I have successfully used IQ Matrix maps within the following areas of my life:

Decision making: I have many times come up with ideas I never thought of before, as the map made me more relaxed and I was able to think more radiantly. This in turn made me look at problems from different angles, and not just from a linear two dimensional view.

The process evolving from using IQ Matrix maps further enabled me to develop my own personal ideas and helped me see what they involve. This allowed me to bring emotion into the equation, I can therefore decide how I feel about the different options. Lastly, I was able to see how different ideas relate to each other, which helped me combine two or more of them in the option I finally select.

Time management: The time management IQ Matrix helps me to make the most of my time by establishing my priorities and allocating my time accordingly. I use this matrix for long and short-term goals, things to do, making an effective dairy, lists etc.

Advantages include: It gives me the chance to think through each task – I even begin to imagine myself doing them and to visualize the desired outcomes. This makes even the most daunting tasks seem less unpleasant. This matrix further helps to commit my tasks to memory. I often find that I can fit things into little ‘windows’ of time that appear unexpectedly during the day, that I am less likely to forget to do things, and that very little time is wasted.

Lastly, I use many of the IQ Matrix maps at work with my team and staff; I have just relocated to New Zealand and have found the following benefits whilst sharing IQ Matrix maps with my team members in my new role:

While discussing a matrix all members feel they have made a contribution and are therefore willing to commit themselves to the outcome. Many associations are triggered not only by one’s own ideas but also by the ideas of other people in the group. They in turn are inspired by your ideas and the way you express them to the group.
Werner Bosman
I am using IQ Matrix in my Intro to Higher Education class that I am teaching at a Native American Community College in Northern Wisconsin. It is invaluable for class prep.

I find the graphics and colors appealing to my students. Mind mapping is becoming a valuable addition to this class. My hope is that it will continue to be a valuable addition to the future of my students.

In the Intro to Higher Ed course, we are covering such subjects, as Achieving success, Personal Responsibility, Self-motivation, Self-management, Emotional Intelligence, Interdependence, Self-awareness, and Lifelong Learning. The variety of IQ Matrix maps have fit in beautifully and complemented the course syllabus, I also post various IQ Matrix maps around the "campus". I have even posted and used selected copies in my Algebra class as a source of motivation and inspiration.
Jim Radtke
I have been using the information in your blogs, I-Quote maps and IQ Matrix maps to bring awareness about myself that allowed me to grow in many ways. I use your materials for goal setting which has been great. It has also really helped me to be much more positive consistently and choose an attitude of a winner.

The process has been slow but I can see improvements daily, weekly, monthly and so on. I use all the mind maps that you have provided for free and I have also purchased the Life coaching bundle, Strategic questions map and a few more.

I have used the IQ Matrix maps with my wife and even my children. They are great for kids as they are very colorful and fun with a lot of graphics. I plan to continue using them with my family and friends. The value to us has been the growth within our family
Andy Lacroix

I have retired from active service of 38 years. I came across IQ Matrix by chance while looking for motivational articles. These articles and the mind maps helped me in starting the second innings of my life post retirement. It helped me in reconciling with a retired life and motivated me to use my time purposefully. I am now helping poor young adolescents in living their dreams.

The mind maps are coming to a great use in motivating these children, most of whom have just the basic education.Mind maps are of great use for making them comprehend what I tell them. The mind map Boosting Confidence which I had purchased and the subsequent article received by me helped me a lot in inculcating and boosting their Self Confidence. Thanks for the same Adam.

Bhupinder Singh Rehal

All these Mind Maps are great and quick way to increase your knowledge and gain understanding of the Human Mind and Emotions and peak performance. You don't have to read long Self -Help Books and you can get that same Wisdom in short time to improve your life in all aspects.

We can use these maps to learn about Mind, Emotions, Health, Wealth,Wisdom, Success, Happiness, Positive Psychology, Overcoming adversities and obstacles, Positive thinking and Attitude, gaining confidence and courage and strength. Its like a school to live an ideal and successful life, which we are never taught in schools.

You can learn a concept in 15 minutes. All the concepts are interconnected which enhances learning. It's like reading a book in 15 minutes in a day . You can improve your knowledge exponentially and sharpen yourself will knowledge and understanding of various concepts that help you to perform at your best.

Adam Sicinski has done all of us in the people-inspiring, people-helping, professions a great service by providing us some of the most effective mind maps on the planet.

Adam’s strategic thinking skills are put to their highest and best uses for your benefit in every one of the mind maps he offers. Whether you are an executive coach, a life coach, a therapist, a clinical counselor, a motivational speaker, an NLP Practitioner, a spiritual leader, or just a life-long learner seeking to add value to your daily journey.

Adam’s mind maps are a vital key and an essential value-add to your library. When you invest in them you are investing in yourself and in the lives of all those you influence, and it will give back in ways that far exceed your initial investment.
Mark J. Chironnna, MA, PhD
I really like the concept of mind maps as I am a visual/kinesthetic learner. I get tired quickly from reading for too long and the mind maps appeal to me as they are interesting to look at, all information is on one page and I do not have an entire library of books taking up space.

I like that I can print them off and hold them in my hand to read as I find reading on the computer a little hard sometimes. Some in particular that I have found appealing I have laminated. I keep them all along with the blogs in a large binder categorized in an order that suits me.
I finally figured out how to use these things. Here's how I did it. First I needed to know what success actually meant to me for this small start up, so I used Pillars of Succes to figure that out. I knew there was a process for being excellent at what I wanted, so I used Physiology of Excellence (which also made me lose weight! Weird, but following this mind map demands all kinds of things be done mentally and physiologically). I knew I would have obstacles, so when I hit one, I used Overcoming Obstacles. When I felt things went wrong or weren't moving, I used willpower and blueprint to success. Of course, I am afraid I might self-sabotage myself, so I hold that close too. Finally, I used Goalscape. Thanks for that too.

I know you won't believe this because it's such a fantastic change, but my start-up's income went from $5,000 per month to over $60,000 per month within a 12 month period... and that's not a mistake in typing. Now, I've hired three people to assist with the work of this start-up. Since they can handle it, I'm going back into retirement and await my next challenge... whatever that may be.

There seems to be two things mind maps do very well. First, they give you a "roadmap" to follow. Second, they convey a lot of information very quickly which in turn increases communication speed and leaves room for allowing my employees in all my businesses to be creative while following the mind map pathways.
Michael S.
As a teacher of English language I'm interested in authentic language material for my students. This is my first year of teaching and I'm trying to come up with an innovative curriculum (we have no textbooks for students, there are various levels of English in the class etc. — an unfortunate situation).

IQ Matrix maps are relevant for each student's life, so they can use them as a source material and talk about something that's close to them.

It is only an idea, I'm still at the beginning, I love the design, I'm still searching for all the mind maps I can find. But IQ Matrix maps always contain concrete information, not just a few general words... I'm still thinking how to use them best at school.
Eva G.
I love info… especially of the personal and professional development variety — but there is heaps of it and I need to act now if I want to succeed!

IQ Matrix has made quick 'action' possible for me by capturing the best info out there on professional and personal development and presenting in a fun, engaging way that makes it easy and enjoyable for my brain to consume. It helps me to kerb my addiction to the net too because the research has been done for me — I have no excuse for hours of web research when everything I need is captured on a single page map for me.

Without these maps I would still be a poor struggling student procrastinating at my desk. But I am not doing that now. I invested in a lifetime membership a couple of years ago and have gained so much value from the maps and blogs over that time, and continue to refer to them now.

I moved past the 'procrastination' phase I had struggled with for many years, survived and gleaned a lot from employment, and am now starting my own business. I owe my progress to my own hard work of course, but importantly, to the guidance I have garnered from the bit sized gems of insight captured in these maps that keep me steering in the right direction! They are good quality and a big time saver! Many thanks for your work Adam — you have cut my work by more than half.
The maps that you have provided so far have helped me and my wife to better understand the difficulties and issues that we all face in life. They have also provided both of us the necessary tools to help others in our church with the same issues and problems that effect us all.

My wife and I are writing a training program that will teach others how to become Christian minded Care Givers for our church and Community. The maps help provide different solutions to many situations we must face. Your maps show people a valuable method to look at and solve many of today's life events with clarity and vision.

I have used your mind maps to show others there are many ways to look at a problem and take action to solve that problem. Many of the events in our lives today can be solved or mitigated to a lesser degree by looking at it differently.

We as a group of people look at problems as unsolvable because we don't see the forest for the trees. Your maps open a path to see the issue down the road or path and see it for what it is. The issue is just an obstacle that can be solved with clear understanding of what it is. Work on the issue at hand and continue on your journey.
Darrell Lewis Rose

I am like an overwhelmed person who has opened just a little of the door to inexhaustible treasure of wisdom through the ages!

At the risk of sounding negative I admit that a doubt has started creeping over me whether and how much of this precious actionable knowledge will I be able to absorb in my remaining lifetime.

Though I intend going through each and every part of your motivating lessons, I have started being selective in reading and yet find they are interconnected and make a lot of sense.

I am simply amazed at your gigantic creative effort and wonder how you would have managed to collect and creatively collate such enormous amount of information with crystal clarity. This is nothing short of real magic even if you have a trained and highly motivated team to help you out in this mission, besides an advanced computing system.

Please bear with me if you find I am not able to keep pace with the gush of precious usable material coming from you one after another. Be rest assured, my friend, that I will be equally eager to share with you any problems I encounter and also any success I am able to achieve, using the treasure you are sharing with me. I intend using it for my own improvements and for helping other needy persons.

Gurudatt India

I have been impressed by the breadth and quality of the maps in the IQ Matrix storehouse - and that's only the 'free' ones I can afford. I learned mind mapping years ago and have applied it both personally (clergy and student) and professionally (clergy and counselor). The IQ Matrix maps are insightful and both directive - often needed to get started - and suggestive, allowing for individual response and development.

The visual quality of the maps are 'seductive' in how they use colors and pictures to involve all the mind. I hope that my maps eventually improve by having these planted in my mind, thus giving me a 'model' to mimic. I'm curious as to how the maps may serve as a tool for mediatation and/or contemplation - perhaps by giving the 'relaxing' self a visual focal point for that meditative period.

I think, all in all, using the maps has made me a better student, priest, counselor, and person. They're the best self-improvement tool I've ever found and should be at the very foundation of any human development work one attempts.

James Helton

When I first came across them (IQ Matrix maps) last year I covered my apartment in them — at the kitchen sink I had about three maps, in the bathroom another two, and two in the bedroom so that I would see them everyday. I felt they helped during a time I really needed them.

Ali Smith

Thanks you very much for these wonderful mind maps which are extremely helpful and easy to understand in assisting me to transform my life and also many others too who are associated with me.

They are the best and the most advanced visual learning tools which indeed can change many lives in bringing change in me and all those who would like to excel in their profession and daily life.

Amazing piece of effort, creativity and knowledge which has really gone into it by you and thanks for your greatness to share these precious treasures with me and the world and transforming many lives.

These mind maps are really useful and beyond imagination, it's really great of you.

Reginald Jacob
A long time ago I was going through a really hard time... Well "tragedy" has struck again, my husband lost his job, someone totaled our car and we had to move in with my parents (for 2 years so far aghhhh) three kids and all. But I wanted to say thanks, your mind maps have kept me sane and pulled me back from the brink of personal destruction. Thanks so much again!
London W.

Your MasterMind Matrix is excellent. The nuances of entire human psychology including self realization and quantum psychology is simplified for a layman to understand. Anyone going through your MasterMind Matrix series will understand the intricacies of the working of the human mind. In fact, there is no area that is not covered in a human life and beyond. It requires re-reading several times to grasp it fully.

The amount of thinking that would have gone into this work is unimaginable. Amazing... covering everything from God particle, infinite intelligence and much much more.. enough material for an intellectual to grasp for a lifetime. Anyone working to grasp the whole meaning will end up self realized.

It is unimaginable that one person/brain/mind can bring out entire human life that encompasses all the faculties/areas of life into one page. Even if one deliberately wants to pick up something that you have missed, he will not find one that is left out.

Dr. Murugappan

I'm a big fan of IQ Matrix maps -- I saw them a while ago (maybe 1-2 years ago?), wasn't tuning in to them regularly, and more recently (in past few months) was looking at a couple that I had downloaded, and I then signed up for the emails.

I am a HUGE FAN of mind mapping in general, and when I discovered it I was thrilled by how helpful making one can be to think through a problem or challenge, plan a project, lay out a career plan, etc. After years of seeing outlines, and step-by-step planning approaches, the free-wheeling way of capturing ideas and options that mind maps provide were very liberating to me as a management consultant and business person.

And Adam's IQ Matrix maps are so colorful, so well-thought out and designed, and appealing -- with a touch of humor and lightheartedness that makes me smile -- plus, they're comprehensive: it seems that every one I've seen "covers" anything I've thought of when I start musing about a topic, and more.

So if there is an IQ Matrix on a topic, I can look at it and know that I will have an up-to-date overview of the subject in just a few minutes.

I recently met a woman who said she was having trouble sleeping, and the next day I got a "Better Sleep" IQ Matrix in my email. I downloaded it and sent it to her as an attachment with a quick note saying, "Hi, thought of you when I got this in my email today." And I didn't have to say anymore, because the one page conveyed exactly what I was thinking when she had brought up her difficulty earlier -- "It's complicated! There are lots of things contributing to having a hard time sleeping, and lots of things people may suggest for you to 'try' to sleep better... And, something might explain what's going on with you, and something might help you sleep better, or not -- just don't feel alone that you're having the problem, and stay confident and hopeful that you'll figure out how to have more restful sleep at some point!"

So much easier and clearer just to share the map! Thank you, and I look forward to enjoying and using more of them in the future.

PS I'm also taking your 40 day Doodling email course, and loving it. Thanks for that, too!

Marcy Jenkins
IQ Matrix Lifetime Membership

My pain and illness has made me isolated, depressed and not feeling able to go out and interact with others. My world has become a world of depression and pain. I began using the Living with Gratitude map to take myself out of the negative cycle and to begin to see that I did have things to be grateful for despite the pain I experience. It has been a really positive experience for me.

I also began using Abundant Energy as my pain and depression causes me to feel so depleted of energy. The benefits have been that I decided to look at my diet and make a conscious decision to eat more healthier, exercise and lose some weight as I have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure.

I swim once a week now and I recently joined a free self esteem course at a college. I still have pain and get down because of it but because I am now finding things to fill my time with, I am less focused on the constant pain I am in. Attending the course was an opportunity for me to have some interactions with other people — something I have not done for a long time. I realized how much I missed the company of others and I would not have pushed myself to do these things without using these two mind maps.

I am continuing on as I hope to use Better Sleep and Weight Management mind maps next. I am so grateful that I found IQ Matrix and it is wonderful to be grateful for even the simple things in life like a full moon which is such a beautiful sight. I am on my way to using strategies from IQ Matrix that are and have been life changing for me.

I want to thank you so much for such amazing resources that have had a profound effect on my entire life. I actually do feel like a new woman now, with a new lease of life, it's amazing.

Jasmine (United Kingdom)
IQ Matrix Lifetime Membership
I went through the mind maps and i must admit that they've shown me areas in my life which need improvement and also those that I've been good at. Kudos for these great materials. I'll be going through them on a regular basis.
Joseph Omuya
When I have a problem or when I have to make a decision or when I need to plan my busy day I use the IQ Matrix maps. The frequent use of it make me skillful in planning; in critical thinking; in concentration during the meeting and other negotiations in my work, which enable me to generate brilliant ideas. Also I find it an amusing mind sport.
Bidour Ahmed
I was going to create mind maps of my own that captured what I've learned in my lifetime. It seems that you've already created a map for just about everything I could think of. So when I look at your maps and see the knowledge that's captured there, I don't get learning from them, I get confirmation of my knowledge and beliefs.
Alain Smithers
Wow, until I came across your style of mind maps I didn't quite like them — now I am hooked and cannot wait for you to email me links to yet another mind map. I love the colour, the content, and especially love the documentation included in the maps — I think the documentation compliments the mind map picture and suits my personal learning style.
Hulya Kazanaksu
IQ Matrix are visually attractive and very informative. I appreciate the regular messages, they are friendly, to-the-point and non-invasive. I believe the products are reasonably priced and value-for-money. Keep up the good work!
Brigette Van Kwikkelberghe
IQ Matrix helps me to get organized better than I were before at home, in school, in time management; it especially opens my inner eye that I did not pay any attention about its presence — amusing enough I have changed a lot, even friends sense and enjoyed the change.
Mesegana Tsegaye
I love to go through your maps and also promote these among my colleagues and friends. I think they are a great tool to reflect and keep ourselves motivated to do our best. Please keep doing the wonderful work.
Raj Singh
I recently purchased two matrix's from you and wanted to applaud you for your work and encourage you to continue your efforts. You are absolutely making a difference in the lives of people who need your expertise so badly. The quality of your work is superb and appreciated very much.
Michael Kaminski
I don't always take the time to review what you send, when you send it but I almost always come back and review your items. For the record, I joined IQ Matrix as a life member in August of 2009. It was a great decision and I enjoy it as a very worthwhile resource.
Roger Carlsen
IQ Mind maps cover each topic thoroughly and in a smart illustrative way. I am planning to use them as posters to inform and motivate my students, and as an organisational tool for their field of interest.
Jose Alvarez
I use the IQ Matrix mind maps on my PC at work for background and as a screensaver. This helps me to keep positive, to give my family and my customers my very best. It has made many issues that I face every day clearer and easier to deal with. Sometimes I think the mind maps help me more than my medication.
Myob Nfo

I have a got a good job in my field of experience and I am so thankful to you for the mind maps and the various practical leanings from IQ matrix which always keep me proactive and positive. Thanks a lot for your work and for doing something that help people to achieve positive results in life.

Praveen Avasthi

I am very impressed with the very high value and quality of the maps from IQ Matrix and it's a unique opportunity to have 20, 30, 40 years of experiences of all great achievers compressed into these mind maps and to be able to get all of this in just a few months. That's a million dollars opportunity.

Cristian from Brazil

Simple to follow the path, and helps you make decisions quickly. [The maps have a] bright and fun design. People who like adventure puzzles will find the design familiar and enjoy it. Logical thought train and options for 'what if' helps you can make good choices in different situations.

As a virtual chief information officer for small business clients; I am asked to show how information can be turned into business value. I find IQ Matrix mind maps a valuable tool in showing small business owners how to create actionable changes in themselves and their staff.
Larry Zimbler President Liberteks
In a time when issues of any kind seem out of one's control it's nice to have a quick reference to look at and gather hope from. Thank you for providing the inspiration needed when life is so uncertain.
I have recommended the study skills map for use by lecturers when teaching students. I use the coaching bundle as a guiding resource for working with clients — I love the guidance and the ability to see the big picture and follow the branches to find more detail. I appreciate that this deep thinking has been done and can be represented in one page. Thank you.
IQ Matrix maps have helped me make changes in my life. I refer to them whenever I look for a certain topic and try to add some more ideas if the need arises. I have improved my personal life (behavioral, emotional, changes in habits) using these maps.
I have used your maps in training with volunteer counselors. These were used to provoke discussion in group training exercises. It was very useful and engagement with trainees was useful.
Len Matthews
The IQ Matrix maps are really empowering for teachers, students and trainers. They can be used to improve presentation skills and study skills, show people's mindsets, increase time management, organise the pillars of success and set goals. Thanks a million.
Safaa Mohamed
I just want to let you know that I have been receiving your emails for a while now and have recently looked more seriously at them. I am a self improvement nut. At first I thought they were kind of hokey, but after the "seed was planted" (the law of the farm), it grew and I went back to your e-mails (like 80 of them) and went through them and now I am excited to learn more.
Tim Ramberg
It has been great going through your mind mapping resource. I have not only found the tools to be very insightful and informative but have also shared them with many of my friends. They too find them very very handy and useful for expanding their understanding. For such value additions to our repertoire, I am personally grateful to you.
Antoni Vanathu
An expert will always state the obvious e.g. if you don't like where you are, then change it; you are not a tree. The idea of IQ Matrix to my private practice business is to prevent loss of customers and business for employers. IQ Matrix: is a user-friendly service, which allows businesses to do more and be more.
Mzwandile M. Mbatha
I'm sitting at a kitchen table with a 3x4 printout of the MasterMind Matrix. Words can't sum up how much I am enjoying this map. Worth 1,000 times the price. Beyond well done. Endless thanks for this quality product.
Jeremy Manor

Many maps contain uplifting ideas, I used "Dare to risk" when I was not able to take a decision concerning my activities. It helped me really, giving me critical thinking tools. To have a map in front of your eyes is a totally different experience to mental thinking.

Rose-Marie Delrue

IQ Matrix mind maps help to "connect the dots" of insight to actions that achieve goals, Adam. They should be posted on the walls of classrooms in all U.S. schools as roadmaps to success.

Kel Mohror

The mind maps give increasing clarity. It is a great visual tool to put into practice theory. It is fun and encouraging to work with the maps. I am always very excited when a new map is published. Adam does an amazing job sharing his competence. I am so grateful I discovered this tool.

Idun Munkejord coach, trainer, speaker

IQ Matrix and mind mapping has done a great deal for me in improving the way I can describe my thoughts to others. The Mind Maps are extremely helpful when you think you've reached a "Dead end". On a couple of instances I have looked upon them to expand my thinking, or sometimes to challenge my assumptions.

I took a Leadership class and discovered IQ Matrix when I was researching wicked problems and using mind mapping. Once the class was over, I began looking for ways to re-enforce the models that I learned. IQ Matrix materials helped keep me focused on BEING. I am now going down a path where I will be training to be a coach.
I have used your maps as visual organisational tools in study skills classes — they were useful in showing students how to think about the habits they need to have. I have the anti-stress map as a poster above my desk as a reminder.
Jennifer Mckillop
I am a professional coach/mentor, when I discovered IQ Matrix and studied the material I started integrating the material into my business and everyone has received tremendous benefit from the material!
Mark Johnson
Just like Steve Jobs who made a difference, you, also are making it. How can I thank you for all the inspiring readings and mind maps you've sent me? They really help me in my graduate studies, managng my time and my life as well. They are my inner compass.
Cj Magno
I find the IQ Matrix mind maps fascinating. They are a fantastic resource to encourage visual thinking and to help individuals recognise and associate contributing factors (both positive and negative) towards achieving a particular goal or outcome.
Robyn Liddiard
The IQ Matrix revealed how the great men think and what is behind their behavior, The work done in this marvelous site is a priceless practical guide to success and power. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mr.Adam for his support and generosity to his subscribers. I wish you more success and prosperity.
Engy El-Bardissy
Hey Adam, I have very much enjoyed getting your maps! I put them on my desktop for a few days each... and cycle through them. Of course I have my favorites.. where the visuals and key words just stand out and bring it all together for me like few things can. And of course I would love to continue getting them. THANK YOU!
Richard Lunceford
Thanks so much for sharing these colorful, inspiring and very useful mind maps with us. I print them out and put them in a flip file and refer to them as I need inspiration. They truly are a gift that keeps on giving!
Moira de Roche
Greetings from India. I really appreciate your efforts to bring about a paradigm change in the field of memory and it's applications. I really enjoy your various articles , maps etc. Thanks for your sincere tireless efforts I am sure your efforts will make significant change in the future.
Anish Kumar
I like and love the graphics. Although I am just beginning to study mindmaps and your material — it is very inspiring and educational to have access to. I will treasure each map greedily to give myself time to be a better human being. I will also share this self-improvement resource with friends, kids, partners and mates.
Tomas Meraz Morgenroth
I have printed out the maps and kept them in my bag or on my computer even on my notice board in the kitchen, they act as a reminder and clearly explain my options. I have found them useful for putting me back on track and reminding me of my options and why I choose to use them in the first place.
Kathleen Kelly

IQ matrix maps has enormously enlightened and changed my life within a very short period. I have worked so long with little results gathering and investigating endless and conflicting resources to grab general principles and improve my situation. Your truly talented work on IQ matrix maps has reduced this information overload and burden most of us struggle with. Thank you.


What I love most about the IQ Matrix maps is that the hard work of creating them has been done for me plus there is incredible choice. I find them very motivational and a useful problem solving tool. Sometimes the solution to my issue of the moment, is instantly sorted out just by reading through the relevant map; they seem to stimulate those 'lightbulb moments' in me!

Marilyn Homer
Your maps are very visually interesting and thought-provoking. I have printed out several of them and pasted them in my "Book of Lists" - a personal journal of things to work on. Looking forward to studying more of the downloads you have provided!
Joss Coverdale
The variety of topics covered is like stepping into a library and the map structure provides a great way to get an overview and detailed information on each specific topic. The colourful images are both humorous and interesting helping to create a hook to recall the details from memory. Its like a different version of Google maps and GPS to help you learn and find your way through the details, pretty cool stuff.
David Hamilton
IQ Matrix maps are great for visual learners and logical thinkers. Having the whole picture, maze, in view has helped clients see where they could go if they backed up and turned a different direction.
Barry Isaacson
No other site is currently competing with IQ Matrix in terms of the content and presentation it offers. The content of this site has excellent retention value due to the nature of its presentation. Due to the retention of content the likelihood of its effective use increases tremendously, that in turn is your real success.
Asif Amin
I am currently introducing the idea of the Matrix maps to an in-patient group I run on a mental health ward — using a variety of topics, e.g. mood management strategies, life skills etc... I find that visual mapping is an excellent method for patients to 'externalize' their issues and think creatively about possible 'solutions'.
Adam’s mind map have helped me tremendously when pulling together keynotes and presentations. The details and correctness of the maps is right on! I have been a member for several years and wouldn't think of leaving! Thanks Adam and keep up the great work!
Karen Keller, Ph.D Influence Mastery
I am so grateful for the mind maps and other resources that you have provided. You have helped me tremendously in my journey for self-improvement. I appreciate your dedication and selflessness in sharing all of this valuable information.
Sandra Callens
Your mind maps have helped me in many ways especially in my daily life and my career. It has helped me to solve and overcome many of my challenges... Here and again, I would like to thank you for your endless and tireless effort to make my journey possible... I owe you a debt of gratitude. Thank you again, for all the sharing of the valuable knowledge.
I've learned to organize my thoughts and to prioritize tasks. My approach to problems have change because of your maps; now I can see the layers behind our actions and reactions. Getting a great deeper understanding of our behaviour. Thanks!
Olga Rubio
As a Youth Service Worker, I have the opportunity to work with a large number of youth who are struggling with various psycho-social issues. I have found the free resources at IQ Matrix very valuable in offering these youth a better perspective on their specific issues.
John Robertson

The IQ matrix products have made a big difference in my life. The self-sabotage one especially was very helpful in overcoming some obstacles that were on the verge of costing me dearly including quite possibly my life. While the road has not been easy since then, I have definitely made improvements and I am going to refer to several more that appeal to me as far as areas in my life I could improve in.

Michael Chandler

I use IQ Matrix Maps as an educational tool for my grandchildren. They are extremely well laid out, very thorough and relevant. A real credit to the developer, Adam Sicinski.

Chris McDermott

Your maps have given me insight into areas that have held me back and have helped in those cases start the road forward, though at times it has been two steps forward three back your maps have shown me how to not give up and give in.

Michael Chandler

Thanks for sharing your mindmaps. They are a nice blend of art, science, inspirational and practical work. It seems like the language of the subconscious!

I have been mind mapping since 15 years now; In fact, I wrote my first book by using an early version of Mindjet mind mapping software. Honestly, there was no other way I could write and keep up with the complexities of writing, revising/proofreading a book for a topic like that of "Depression". Mind maps are wonderful instruments not only for reading but also for creating insightful, useful information.

Nevertheless, when I came in touch with an IQ Matrix, despite my years of involvement with mind maps, I thought they were too complicated for me to read and understand. I tried to read and understand some more IQ Matrix mind maps with not so good results — still I thought they were too complicated for me. . .

A couple of days ago, I downloaded the ebook, the Beginners Guide to IQ Matrix. To my surprise, reading an IQ Matrix map was so much easier than I thought. Not until I read the easy instructions of the ebook, that IQ Matrix maps made sense to me and opened a world of new possibilities for self-improvement.

I can't recommend the basic ebook/matrix guide highly enough. It opened my eyes wide opened. Thank you Adam so much.
Stelio Nicolaou Author of: 'Depression: My Witness, Your Solution'
IQ Matrix Lifetime Membership
I use your maps before I enter any meeting to provide me out of the box thinking. Its easy to read and at the same time entertaining. I have heard of infotaining, edutaining but this to me readtaining!
I love mind maps, and I am very happy there are people like you out there doing this kind of work. Sometimes the maps are a bit "overly stimulating". Otherwise I think they are brilliant.
I wish I had access to this earlier in my life and career!
IQ matrix is a great tool for self-improvement and growth on a wide range of topics.
Joe C
I have enjoyed the maps and often share them with family, friends and business colleagues.
Len Hoch
IQ Matrix helps create a clear picture of areas in your life you find easy or difficult. It creates a better way of achieving areas of your desired choice.
Enadeghe G. Adesuwa
The maps are of great value because they give me important information in a clear, attractive way and they are also easy to remember.
Mary Carmen García
The material covered by IQ Matrix fits extremely well in my motivational publications. The presentation of the concepts works perfectly to draw reader attention and follow a train of thought.
Warren Henderson
The IQ Matrix maps have been a great supplement to the work our College is doing with our students on positive psychology, study skills and self-awareness.
Tania Stewart

I was very impressed with the quality and quantity off information in the maps, and it's so easy to read and understand. It's a really great job, congratulations!!!

Rui Rego

I consider the IQ Matrix as the great invention of modern times infographics. Many thank to you, Adam!

Vlad Mentor
IQ Matrix maps are a great visual aids to remind you where to from here!
Vivienne Duffy
I really think that IQ Matrix maps are very useful. It makes me reach the exact point quickly and helps me to find what I may spend a long time searching for in only a few minutes.
W. R.
I love making use of this in a coaching and training capacity. This works miracles!
Jason van Rooyen
I currently use them for my desktop backgrounds. I find them very encouraging and they keep me positively focused.
Nancy Ann
IQ matrix is helping put together knowledge received from books and life experience. IQ Matrix maps are very useful in turning knowledge into practice and skills.
I got some ideas for teaching language to my university students. I am going to prepare syllabus design out of your maps. Really wonderful.
Fatemeh Naji
Very practical to find themes and subject details in one glance. They are really helpful. I also use them to jog creative ideas that I use in training and coaching. Highly recommended.
Richard Juneau
More or less [your IQ Matrix is] a condensed summation of things I'm interested in. Helps keep me aware of the larger picture, while focusing on a narrower subject.
James McCandless

I love the IQ Matrix and Mastermind Matrix. The maps were the most creative and inspirational thing Ive seen in recent years. The maps allow me deep insights. Congratulations and thank you for this work of art.

Carlos Coelho

I just want to say your work is amazing! I always enjoy discovering your maps: an on-going process for growth, step back for a while before jumping. A real shift of mindset. Thank you so much. It's great help.

I love the maps. I use them as help for my staff members. Everybody loves them.
Nancy B
IQ Matrix maps are tools which are very useful because they sum up very well key factors to succeed in some aspects of your life!! The second step is obviously: Just Do It!!
Very interesting maps. Forces me to re-consider and re-shape concepts, approaches.
Michel Grenier
It is inspiring to use the IQ matrix as my reference and guide on the different approach of topics that I like to focus on.
In my opinion your maps are great to gather new information and to use tips from them right away in practice.
Maciej Samborski
I have used a map to clarify what motivates me to study (I'm 49..) and what obstacles there are preventing me from living my life as I want; where to be flexible and where to keep my own mind.
Kaisa Horkko
IQ Matrix are awesome and a great source of inspiration. I like to use them as an example of effective thinking. And ... this is a real piece of Art.
David Germeau
I love the IQ Matrix maps, I have posted them in my office at work and shared some with my children and family. Impressive tool for me.
Tim Doyle
Your mindmaps are simply put absolutely brilliant. They help me to enhance my understanding about some issues, to analyse goals, and improve the quality of my own mindmaps.
Juan Fran

I pray blessings for you and your loved ones always. These links and maps have been a rope when I felt I was falling. Thank you.


The maps are interesting. Contextual construction would be helpful. I use them with individual foreign students in the development of their holistic life plans.

J. Cox

The maps are very comprehensive and complete. They have been produced after a lot of research and thought. Very helpful and easy to use on a client.

The MasterMind Matrix is amazing. It has put most of what I use in my counselling business on one page. It is a big page and it is on my wall.
Adam's mind maps inspire the reader to consider new possibilities and life choices to expand their horizons and create a more fulfilling life.
Robyn Frank
Great resource! Applicable in so many aspects of one's life.
John Lader
A great, visually appealing and informative product. Very useful for anyone who needs direction on the go.
Dawid Nel
IQ Matrix is very helpful to structure any planning/thought process.
Gerhardus De Klerk
I just think that they are cool. I shared them with my boyfriend and he likes them too. I believe them to be very good working tools.
Carol Palmer
I consider the "IQ Matrix maps" concept and tools as the greatest achievement of modern times.
Vlad Mentor Astrologer
IQ Matrix has assisted me to re-construct my life and my dreams and has shown me how to achieve them. I hope it has had the same impact on other members' lives as well.
These are very interesting maps that show methods and inspirations for my life. I use them as hints for my own experiences in walking through life.
Kyrill Schilow

Thanks you so much for these amazing maps. The work that went in making them is incredible! I'm so excited about the possibilities they offer!

Nezha H

Thank you for your great project. I found it very inspiring and helpful in systematizing thoughts on personal effectiveness.

Gulnora Emirali

The thought process put in for creating each map has been very exhaustive. It has helped me to think of various ways of presenting the ideas.

Suresh V
I was immediately impressed with your mind maps. The content is concise enough at just the right level to trigger further questions, some of which you provide within the map.
James Denyer
The IQ maps give me a lot of inspiration, motivation and guidance to act and react when issues in my professional and personal life occur.
Erik Olsen
I've found that the mind maps are good because they show how the information links together to form a subject.
Phil Day
IQ matrix helps me read and understand easily. After that I can apply it in my study, in my life... I think it is very useful for everybody. It makes me feel smart and confident.
Phuoc Loan
I have utilized the resources to facilitate a presentation on overcoming obstacles. I love the ideas in the maps.
Trish S.
I am very visual and the mind maps help me sort out problems in a fun way, seeing solutions on paper or computer helps me sort out issues.
I would imagine a lot of time has been put into creating these wonderful IQ Matrix maps and feel that it has added great value to my thinking, taking action and my health. Thank You!
Andy Lacroix
The mind maps are well done and thought-out. They are very informative. The maps make it easy to get up to speed on various subjects. Much time is saved!
Tom Goulet

I am very impressed with the content and presentation. Not only are the maps useful for personal growth and insight, they are artistically very appealing.

Anne O'Hearn

The IQ Matrix is phenomenal and what I truly like are the colors and character illustrations. Without either I do not believe the maps would work. I have printed out several and have them on my walls for inspiration.

Donna Cassell

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