Michael Chandler

Your maps have given me insight into areas that have held me back and have helped in those cases start the road forward, though at times it has been two steps forward three back your maps have shown me how to not give up and give in.

Marilyn Homer

What I love most about the IQ Matrix maps is that the hard work of creating them has been done for me plus there is incredible choice. I find them very motivational and a useful problem solving tool. Sometimes the solution to my issue of the moment, is instantly sorted out just by reading through…


IQ Matrix and mind mapping has done a great deal for me in improving the way I can describe my thoughts to others. The Mind Maps are extremely helpful when you think you’ve reached a “Dead end”. On a couple of instances I have looked upon them to expand my thinking, or sometimes to challenge my…


Simple to follow the path, and helps you make decisions quickly. [The maps have a] bright and fun design. People who like adventure puzzles will find the design familiar and enjoy it. Logical thought train and options for ‘what if’ helps you can make good choices in different situations.


IQ matrix maps has enormously enlightened and changed my life within a very short period. I have worked so long with little results gathering and investigating endless and conflicting resources to grab general principles and improve my situation. Your truly talented work on IQ matrix maps has reduced this information overload and burden most of…

Rose-Marie Delrue

Many maps contain uplifting ideas, I used “Dare to risk” when I was not able to take a decision concerning my activities. It helped me really, giving me critical thinking tools. To have a map in front of your eyes is a totally different experience to mental thinking.

Myob Nfo

I use the IQ Matrix mind maps on my PC at work for background and as a screensaver. This helps me to keep positive, to give my family and my customers my very best. It has made many issues that I face every day clearer and easier to deal with. Sometimes I think the mind…

John Robertson

As a Youth Service Worker, I have the opportunity to work with a large number of youth who are struggling with various psycho-social issues. I have found the free resources at IQ Matrix very valuable in offering these youth a better perspective on their specific issues.